Local Government Bodies have the responsibility for:

1) Construction and maintenance of local roads and bridges
2) Construction and maintenance of minor drains and minor water courses
3) Local health, general sanitation and rodent control
4) Garbage collection and disposal
5) Development and maintenance of recreation grounds, parks and public spaces
6) Development and maintenance of cemeteries and crematoriums
7) Markets and abattoirs
8) Disaster Management
9) Building Inspectorate
10) Municipal Police
11) Collection and disposal of faecal waste
12) Distribution of truck-borne water in areas where there is no supply

The current administrative structures and job descriptions of the various Municipal Corporations are those which would have been drafted and approved many years ago, facilitating the needs of the Corporations at that time. The inability of the Service Commissions Department to fill vacant positions efficiently and effectively has also taken a toll of the Corporations’ staffing. There is an immediate need to review and revise the structures, staffing and job descriptions of the Municipal Corporations. There is also a need for standardisation of structures and job descriptions.
Training and re-training of managers, supervisors and other officers will also be necessary in an effort to ensure adequate competency in their various capacities.

The Executives and the Administrations must be held responsible and be accountable for the performance of their Corporations. They must demonstrate the will to improve productivity and while adhering to strict industrial practices, sanctions must be taken against persons who fail to carry out the duties for which they are paid. If this particular concern is not addressed urgently, when the reform is implemented, which will bring with it additional responsibilities to Local Government bodies; it will further exacerbate the problems and distresses now faced by the public.