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THE ELECTIONS AND BOUNDARIES COMMISSION (Commission), in accordance with the Municipal Corporations Act Chapter 25:04 as amended by Act No. 13 of 2013, has written to all the political parties to inform as to the number of Aldermanic seats allotted to them and has requested their submission of the names of their selected Aldermen to be taken from the list of Aldermen, previously submitted.

The table below illustrates the number of seats allocated to each party.


THE PEOPLE’S National Movement (PNM) last night scored victory in the local government election, gaining ground from its performance in 2010 and in the process consigning a wipe-out of the Congress of the People (COP) and the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) while the United National Congress (UNC) held onto its power base, winning five corporations.

PNM:8,   UNC:5,   ILP:0,    COP:0,   Chaguanas hung

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Dear Members of the Media,

The People’s National Movement in anticipation of the Local Government Election results on Monday 21 October, 2013, has installed a Media Centre positioned at the Balisier House for the use of media personnel on the day.

This facility will be fitted with Wifi and has the availability for television stations to arrange their set for broadcasts, live spots and interviews, as officials and candidates of the PNM will be in house.

In light of this, we kindly invite Members of the Media to attend a meeting carded for Friday 18 October, 2013 at the Balisier House at 11:30 a.m. to discuss the technical requirements for the Media Centre and other related matters. 


Ashton Ford

General Secretary


Fellow believers! Gathered here in your thousands!!

Beliefs are inspiring.

Beliefs are motivating.

Beliefs are essential. But beliefs alone are not enough.

We more than anyone else know that beliefs alone are not enough.

Let me explain. The foundation of our great organization THE PEOPLE”S NATIONAL MOVEMENT has as its fundamental philosophical underpinnings, the belief in a bright future for everyone. We today are a great moving force for progress and prosperity and I believe that with all of us diligently working together for one another, this will prepare us to overcome every challenge of the present and in the future. This holds true even after The Partnership’s disastrously poor performance.

We must all understand and we must all believe in what we do. Our fundamental belief, the ethos of our party, the PNM, continues to be; how to improve the quality of life, first, to the people most in need, as we improve the quality of life for everyone including ourselves. To achieve this we must all do what we believe in. I ask everyone to join with me in believing that this spot of sand, this land we call Trinidad and Tobago could rightfully be referred to as the capital of paradise, in spite of the PP. In spite of Kamla Persad Bissessar, in spite of Anand Ramlogan; In spite of Jack Warner.

Once we work together and are prepared to put in the necessary hard work  with all  our determination and dedication, we can make this country a vibrant, productive, prosperous  and progressive nation that would bring out the best in all of us. It does not matter if you are red, yellow, green, black or brown. We in the PNM are committed to working with everyone for the benefit of all.

We in the Peoples’ National Movement believe that our Citizens have unlimited potential and can make our community and our country a shining example to other countries around the region and the world as a country working together for one another. We must work hard in every community, to make this country a better place. A country is as strong as its weakest community or weakest citizen. We must all be prepared to put in the hard work necessary to make the dream of a better country a reality. Work hard ; play hard ; party hard!!  We all know that we can achieve whatever we set out to do regardless of race, colour, creed, religious persuasion, geographic location, young or old, but to do so we must genuinely believe in ourselves. We must believe in our unlimited potential every second, every minute of the day to bring out the best in all of us and we must respect each other and share each other’s pain and successes.

I believe in the nationhood of Trinidad and Tobago. I believe it can be made to exists in its most vibrant form. I believe it extends from the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. I believe that each one of us carries in our hearts not only the burden of doing well for the sake of ourselves, but the burden of doing well and seeing that this beautiful nation, Trinidad and Tobago does well for the sake of all the people of Trinidad and Tobago. This I believe with all my heart and head. I believe in the practical equality of opportunity for all citizens, when we achieve it, with great results. I believe that all citizens must have a fair chance and level playing field to make of themselves all that is within them, to a fair share of all that this country has to offer and to reach the highest point of their capacities. This holds particular meaning for all those tens of thousands of young people who are just starting out on that journey or are aspiring to becoming productive contributors to this nation that we are trying to build and in which they will live and toil as they raise their own new families.

We in Trinidad and Tobago know that this country faces many challenges. We see those challenges everyday as we travel around the country, and most of you know them better than I do. But! I also believe that Trinidad and Tobago has the capacity to overcome every single one of those challenges.  We in the PNM believe that this country can mobilise more money, people and resources than ever before with clear PNM policy prescriptions, realisable programs within a defined vision and good, strong, sensitive leadership. We believe that Trinidad and Tobago has world-beating talent, ambition, energy and excellence., Quite a lot of it is right here right now! Right here in this audience.

Our highly trained and trainable work force is a major tool for progress, prosperity and stability. We in the PNM believe that our unity in diversity is a recipe for innovation, sustained growth and development.

We believe in our fellow citizens. We believe with full confidence that if each citizen fulfils his or her duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, we will overcome every challenge we face, including this inept, spiteful and corrupt PP administration. We believe that we can fight for the safety of our great nation.  We believe we can fight the drug dealers in the  schoolyards, in the streets, in the bank accounts and on the waters around us. We believe we can fight crime with growing confidence and growing strength in ever community once we are prepared to all “put in” the brain power and hard work to make safer communities a reality. The men and women in our uniformed security services are crying out for sane, sensible and stable leadership which they can respect and follow.

We believe that most Local Government representatives are hardworking, dedicated caring and  well-meaning. They are low paid, with grossly inefficient support systems to work with to make our system more effective. If this were not true, we would have been worse off today than ever before without the assistance of these hard working councillors.

We believe in our fellow citizens. Our headlines are splashed with reports of violent crime, yet for every criminal there are over 10,000 sincere, respectable, patriotic men, women and children who ensure that business could go on from day to day. Decency is not news and should never be a surprise to us. It is now buried in the obituaries.

We believe in the patient gallantry` of nurses, the tedious sacrifices that teachers make each and every day, the garbage collectors, the drain cleaners, street sweepers and all other workers who strive around the clock  to keep our  country open for business.

We in The PNM mean Business, We are open for Business, and we are under NEW Management; just as all the 14 Regional Corporations will be, come 22nd of October 2013.

As our Country will be Whenever the next General Elections are called.

We all know that Our Country will be under NEW MANAGEMENT whenever the General Elections are called.

We in the PNM are aware of the unseen and unending fight against desperate odds that goes quietly in many home in our land.

We assure you that We Believe That We Can and Will Work in every community,

It will be hard work but we in the PNM up to the task and are under new management and will not rest until the work is done!

We believe that the future is not one of ease or resting on our historical successes but hard work, striving to fulfil our pledges.

We believe the service of Trinidad and Tobago means the service of 1.3 million who serve it.

It means the ending of poverty, ignorance, disease and inequality of opportunity,

It Means working in every community,

·         village by village

·         street by street

·         trace by trace,

·         Corporation by Corporation,

·         until Tobago and Trinidad become what we all believe it could BE!

We as a Party, this National MOVEMENT, this rally for all coming together for united action in the common good; I as an individual, have always done the best. It was not always good enough;, as for me I have made mistakes but I assure every citizen, that I may not be able to solve every problem that we now face, or to wipe away every tear from every eye, but as long as there are tears, suffering, and problems such as crime, my work will not be over.  I believe in what I do and I do what I believe in and I believe in Trinidad and Tobago.

We believe that all of us, whatever religion we may belong, whatever race, whatever region we come from, we are equally endowed as the children of Trinidad and Tobago with equal rights, privileges and obligations.  We must all believe in Discipline Production and Tolerance.

It is against this background that I call on all of you today!!!


Arima Borough

Download Arima Manifesto  
Chaguanas Borough  Download Chaguanas Manifesto  
Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Download Couva Manifesto
Diego Martin Regional Corporation Download Diego Martin Manifesto  
Mayaro Regional Corporation Download Mayaro Manifesto  
Penal/Debe Regional Corporation  Download Penal Manifesto  
Point Fortin Borough Download Point Fortin Manifesto  
Port of Spain Regional Corporation Download Port of Spain Manifesto  
Princes Town Regional Corporation Download Princes Town Manifesto  
San Fernando City Corporation Download San Fernando Manifesto  
San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation Download San Juan / Laventille Manifesto  
Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Download Sangre Grande Manifesto  
Siparia Regional Corporation  Download Siparia Manifesto  
Tunapuna Regional Corporation  Download Tunapuna Manifesto