Building a Nation Together


Corporation Date (2013) Time Venue
San Fernando Fri Nov 1 1:30 p.m. City Hall, Harris Promenade, San Fernando
Port of Spain Fri Nov 1 4:00 p.m. City Hall., Knox Street, Port of Spain
San Juan/Laventille Tues Nov 5 10:00 a.m. Malick Youth Facility ,7th Avenue, Malick, Barataria
Tunapuna/Piarco Tues Nov 5 10:00 a.m. Tunapuna Regional Corp., Centenary Street, Tunapuna
Sangre Grande Tues Nov 5 2:00 p.m. Turere High School, Turere
Point Fortin Tues Nov 5 10:00 a.m. Town Hall, George Road, Point Fortin
Diego Martin Tues Nov 5 10:00 a.m. Diego Martin Corp, Western Main Rd, Diego Martin
Arima Tues Nov 5 10:00 a.m. Arima Town Hall, Hollis Avenue, Arima
Chaguanas Wed Nov 6 11:00 a.m. Chaguanas Borough Corp., Cumberbatch, Street, Chaguanas

Divali is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil, of righteousness over deceitfulness, of truth over falsehood and indeed of light over darkness. At this point in our nation’s history when we are struggling to overcome the collapse of ...traditional morals and values and are being encouraged to accept evil as good and wrongdoing as normal, we must recognise the serious consequences of this devastating shift. Our nation cannot afford to foster this mind-set as it is a clear and present danger to our development and indeed our very survival.

For many of us Divali also marks the beginning of a new year. It is a day of "starting afresh”. As such, my hope is that meaning of Divali will jolt us into truly seeing where our society has found itself and where we are headed unless we recommit ourselves to the morals and values intrinsic to the Festival of Lights. Just as we light our homes and streets with diyas, we need to recognize the inner light that is present in all of us. This inner light should guide us during our demanding journey through life and foster discernment of right from wrong. If we all commit to the ideals of Divali, our lives, homes, neighbourhoods and country would inevitably improve, develop and prosper.

On behalf of the People’s National Movement, I wish the Hindu community and indeed all of Trinidad and Tobago,

Shubh Divali.
Dr Keith Rowley




Sunday 27 October

Walkabout: East Groove

10 a.m.

Walkabout: Elizabeth Gardens

3 p.m.

Bhadase Sagan Maraj Drive by the park

Entrance to Elizabeth Gardens

Monday 28 October

Walkabout : Quarry Road, San Juan

3 p.m.

Top of Quarry Road

Tuesday 29 October

Walkabout: Maitagual

3 p.m.

Cor. Maitagual Road & Calvary Hill

Wednesday 30 October

Walkabout: Maloney Street

3 p.m.

Bermudez Factory

Thursday 31 October

Walkabout: Hutton Road, Abercromby Street and Farm Road

3 p.m.

Top of Hutton Road

Friday 1 November

Walkabout: Lower St. Joseph

3 p.m.

Public meeting: Nya Binghi Cor., King Street

6 p.m.

Caimain Road

*As a mark of respect for the Hindu community, there will be no campaign activity on Saturday 2 November, the Divali holiday.  Shubh Divali to the Hindu community!

Sunday 3 November


9 a.m.

Please contact:

Wendy Lewis

Protocol & Campaign PR Officer


Valsayn North


The People’s National Movement will present their candidate for the St Joseph Constituency By Election  - Terrance Deyalsingh on Saturday October 26th  Opposite Gordon Street, Eastern Main Road, Mt. Hope.

The meeting gets underway at 7.00pm.

Political Leader of the PNM, Dr. Keith Rowley will be the featured speaker where he will outline the party’s policy and programme.

He will be supported by a powerful slate of speakers including Candidate Terrance Deyalsingh.

The People’s National Movement is the only serious party with a serious candidate, taking your representation seriously.

The time has come to stamp out blatant corruption, rampant nepotism and gross mismanagement.

Join the PNM at Mt Hope as we continue the journey to restore good governance, integrity and morality in public affairs.