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The  Arima Borough Council, at its Statutory Meeting held on Thursday 28th November 2013, soundly condemned the Government and in particular, the organizers of the event that marked the formal opening of the Arima Police Station. The Arima Borough Council wishes to remind the government and its agents that the office of the Mayor must be respected, particularly since protocol regards the Mayor as the principal burgess of the town. To have a major event in the town, a stone’s throw away from the Town Hall and not invite the presence of the Mayor and council is a major blunder and is the quintessence of bad manners. Such behaviour must never be repeated.

The action of the government to ignore this common courtesy can only be described as shameful and disrespectful. It is a terrible example to the children of our nation to whom these common practices of protocol and courtesy and basic good manners are taught.

The Council calls on the government and organizers of the opening of the Arima Police Station to publicly apologize to the Mayor, members of Council and to the burgesses of Arima for this disrespect.

Mayor's contact number: 620 7777




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