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The People’s National Movement takes note of certain statements made by UNC Ministers and other spokespersons for the UNC Government in which it is said that they know that the PNM and the ILP have already struck a deal with respect to the filling of the positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Chaguanas.

This statement is entirely false and no person has been authorized to enter into any such arrangements on the part of the PNM.

It having been said to the public that huge sums of money are now swirling around the process of election of officers for the Chaguanas Borough and the ILP having identified the UNC with offering financial inducements to an identified ILP Councilor it is now clear that the UNC is now afraid of a possible retaliation by the ILP who now could exercise the option of voting for the PNM in Council.

For the benefit of all, the original position of the PNM, WHICH REMAINS OUR POSITION, IS AS FOLLOWS:-

The PNM having four (4) votes, a strength equal to any other political party in the Corporation will offer, at open Counci,l a PNM candidate , Mr. Ronald Heera , for the post of Mayor of Chaguanas. In the event that Mr. Heera’s candidacy wins majority support from other members voting in Council the PNM is ready willing and able to accept the responsibility of leading Council at the pleasure of the members elected therein. If he is not successful then The PNM is quite prepared to serve the people of Chaguanas from the Opposition benches.  The same holds true for the Position of Deputy Mayor.

If there are difficulties in Council with respect to the election of these officers the PNM members will accept their responsibility in seeking to resolve whatever difficulties that may arise  within the transparent parameters of members voting openly in Council.

The PNM wants to make it abundantly clear that we have not and will not engage in any horse trading outside of the process in Chamber or any corrupt practice in pursuance of office in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation or anywhere else for that matter. We leave that for others who seem to know no other way.

We herein demand that the misguided discontinuation of the process be terminated forthwith and that the Council convene immediately for the express and urgent purpose of conducting elections in an open and transparent manner regardless of the final outcome. The burgesses of Chaguanas deserve no less.

The PNM also deplores the Government’s clumsy attempts to interfere  and manipulate the process. It is our view that the election of a mayor must remain a process among members of Council within the chamber under the hand of authorized public servants only.


Dr Keith Rowley MP

Political Leader of the People,s National Movement




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