Building a Nation Together


Arima Borough

Arima Central Lisa Morris-Julian
Arima North East Dr. Juliet Bernard
Arima West/O'Meara Anthony  Davis
Calvary Michael Castellano
Malabar North Linette  Shafie-Ramcharan
Malabar South Anthony  Garcia
Tumpuna Lincoln  Bobb
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Chaguanas Borough    
Charlieville Teliah Boodhram
Cunupia Andy Smith
Edinburgh/Longdenville Janelle Joe-Ryan
Enterprise North Lisa Holder
Enterprise South Ronald Heera
Felicity/Endevour Sherry London
Montrose Kellman Kowlessar
Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah Lyncia Hasranah
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Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation   
Balmain/Esparanza/Forres Park Harrnath Maharaj
California/Point Lisas Alif Mohammed
Caratal/Tortuga Sethjeard Watson
Claxton Bay/Pointe-A-Pierre Enoch Lewis
Felicity/Calcutta/Mc Bean Nanda Bowlah
Freeport/Calcutta Neil Ragoonanan
Freeport/Chickland Funisa Charles-Julien
Gasparillo/Bonne Aventure Deoraj Seegobin
Las Lomas/San Raphael Candida Pathron
Longdenviolle/Talparo Renie Gooding
Mamoral/Caparo Ricardo Mansano
Perseverance/Waterloo Deonarine Deyal
Piparo/San Pedro/Tabaquite Vindra Figaro
St. Mary's Edinburgh Patricia Christopher
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Diego Martin Regional Corporation    
Bagatelle/Blue Basin Joseph T Lewis
Belle Vue/Bossiere #1 Kern Solomon
Chaguaramas/Glencoe Enroy Slater
Covigne/Richplain Kathy-Ann Christopher
Diamond Vale Gail La Touche
Goodwood/La Puerta Michael Alonzo
Moka/Bossiere #2 Richard Mendez
Morne Coco/Alyce Glen Robert Benoit
Petit Valley/Cocorite Roxanne Long
St. Lucien/Cameron Catherine Mendez
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Mayaro Regional Corporation    
Biche/Charuma Monaleiza Ali
Cocal/Mafeking Brinsley Maharaj
Ecclesville Sankar Mahabirsingh
Mayaro/Guayaguayare Kyron James
Rio Claro North Rahamut Yathali
Rio Claro South/Cat's Hill Anil Bahadoor
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Penal/Debe Regional Corporation    
Barrackpore West Indar Jairaj
Bronte Gerard Quammie
Debe East/L'Esperance/Union Hall Stephen Brathwaite
Debe West Rajesh Ramnath
La Fortune Clifford Rambharose
Palmiste/Hermitage Harry Biptar
Penal Cecil Koylass
Quinam/Morne Diable Mario Lincoln Persadie
Rochard/Barrackpore East Veena Alladin
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Point Fortin Borough     
Cap-De-Ville/Fanny Village Peter Ansel Bharat
Hollywood Kennedy Richards
New Village Kriscia Simon
Techier/Guapo Sherwin St. Hillaire
New Lands/Mahaica Janelle St. Hilaire
Egypt Kwesi Thomas
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Port of Spain Regional Corporation    
Belmont East Darryl Rajpaul
Belmont North & West Farai Andre Hove Masaisai
Belmont South Jennel Young
East Dry River Nedra Mc Clean
Northern Port of Spain Keron Valentine
Southern Port of Spain Dada Gabriel
St. Ann's River Central Keno Romeo
St. Ann's River North Hillan Morean
St. Ann's River South Ashtine Thomason
St. James East Jameel Bisnath
St. James West Wendell Stephen
Woodbrook June Durham
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Princes Town Regional Corporation    
Ben Lomond/Williamsville Millicent Norton
Corinth/Cedar Hill Richard Thompson
Fifth Company Nadir Hosein
Hindustan/Indian Walk/St Mary's Natalia Mendez
Inverness/Princes Town Joy E Crawford
Lengua/St. Lucia Haniff Salamat
Moruga Kenwin Williams
New Grant/Tableland David Adolphus
Reform/Manahambre Terry Garib
St. Julien/Princes Town North Patrick Moore
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San Fernando City Corporation    
Cocoyea/Tarouba Rondell A Donawa
Les Effort East/Cipero Sherrie Ali
Les Effort West/La Romain Anderson Williams
Marabella East Arnold Soogrim
Marabella West La Verne Smith
Marabella/South Vistabella Phillip Montano
Mon Repos/Navet Shaka Joseph
Pleasantville Robert Parris
Springvale/Paradise Naigum Joseph
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San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation    
Aranguez/Warner Village Gobin Dial
Barataria Pernel Bruno
Beethan/Picton Akil Audain
Caledonia/Upper Malick Kwesi Antoine
Febeau/Bourg Mulatresse Eldon Coker
Maracas Bay/Santa Cruz/La Fillette Lyndon Lara
Morvant Franz Lambkin
Petit Bourg/Champ Fleurs/Mt Lambert Britt Carmino
San Juan East Raphael John
San Juan West Jodi Johnson
St Ann's/Cascade/Mon Repos W Sherwyn Jones
St. Barb's Chinapoo Jason Alexander
Success/Trou Macaque Adanna Griffith-Gordon
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Sangre Grande Regional Corporation    
Cumuto/Tamana Hazrat Ali
Manzanilla Bharath Barry Lochan
Sangre Grande North/East Lorraine Heath
Sangre Grande North/West Alicia Thomas
Sangre Grande South Azim Ali
Toco/Fishing Pond Martin Terry Rondon
Valencia Simone Gill
Vega De Oropouche Daryl Rampersad
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Siparia Regional Corporation    
Avocat/San Francique North Tricia Kaloutie Toykam
Brighton/Vessigny Gerald Debesette
Cedros Denise Cheryl Joseph
Erin Arlene Ramdeo
Mon Desir Randolph Archie
Otaheite/Rousillac Anand Maharaj
Palo Seco Christine Neptune
Siparia East/San Francique Utilda Wharwood
Siparia West/Fyzabad Maurice Alexander
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Tunapuna Regional Corporation    
Auzonville/Tunapuna Esmond Forde
Blanchisseuse/Santa Rosa Hyacinth Johnson
Bon Air/Arouca/Cane Farm Paul Leacock
Caura/Paradise/Tacarigua Aaron Thomas
Curepe/Pasea Natalie Peters
D'Abadie/Carapo Derek Anthony La Guerre
Five Rivers/Lopinot Tova Lin Bartholomew
Kelly Village/Warrenville Daniel Lall
La Florissante/Cleaver Judy Garner
Macoya/Trincity Joel Warrick
Maracas/Santa Magarita Martin Sean Gonzales
Mausica/Maloney Steven Sam
St. Augustine South/Piarco/St Helena Angelo Ferdinand
Valsayn/St. Joseph Marcia Chan Pak
Wallerfield/La Horquetta Kwasi Robinson
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In the course of my Budget 2013 contribution in the Senate, delivered on Monday 23rd September, 2013, I raised the issue of the Attorney General’s distribution of schoolbags to children in Diego Martin. I essentially suggested that those people do not need ‘trinkets’ especially from persons who refuse to explain their tremendous and newly-found wealth; and persons who refer to them as “underprivileged.” I suggested that what the people really needed was fairness, equality of opportunity, equity and social justice!

In response, the Attorney General, who has admitted acquiring three properties valued at several million dollars in up-scale communities since he assumed office, chose to raise issues regarding the only home I own and in which I live.

This is the very house that Jack Warner, his former colleague, sought to link to an illegal acquisition. At that time, just over a year ago Jack claimed the house was valued at $7 million. The Attorney General in his Senate response this week in a most astonishing manner now seek to place a new value of $14million on my house.

Since then, certain elements of the media, allowing themselves to be used by the Attorney General to cast unsavory aspersions upon me and my family; and to hide from his own circumstances, have carried stories amplifying the Attorney General’s ‘valuation’ and irrelevant concerns about who I invited to my home;   and whether those persons were allowed in a non-existent swimming pool.

I wish to emphasise that there is absolutely no swimming pool at my residence.

Notwithstanding this simplicity, there is an undertone of allegations of corruption in all of this. There is purpose to their madness and wickedness.

In this regard, I have authorized my bank, the First Citizens Bank, Park Street, Port of Spain, to make available, to ANY authorized police officer, from Commissioner to the last-joined recruit; and/or ANY authorized official from the Integrity Commission, from Chairman to clerk, all my bank details and records regarding the obtaining, payment and balance of my mortgage facility.

This I am confident, will demonstrate a straight and clear path to my family’s ownership and acquisition of our house. The Eastern Credit Union can speak to the acquisition of the land in 1998. They too are authorized.

However, I call on the Attorney General to set the public record straight and retain the services of a valuator, in order to obtain a real value of my house, if indeed he is really so interested. This would correct the ‘value’ he foolishly put on it whilst on his legs on the floor of the Parliament.

I also call upon the Prime Minister and the Attorney General, as well as others in her Cabinet, to do like me and to show clear paths to their acquisition and maintenance of the properties they now own, whether acquired before or after assuming ministerial office.

I bought the land on which my house sits as an Opposition MP. The construction of the building, straddled my time in government and being out of Parliament and politics altogether, between 2004 and 2010. I am still developing my house.

I also call upon the Attorney General, the Prime Minister and others involved in the Email/Clause 34 investigation, to do like me and authorize Google or other respective internet service-providers, to make available to the Police and the Integrity Commission, all their internet records relevant to that investigation. A user can so authorize and I have a precedent which Google has accepted in the past; and which I am willing to make available to them all.

Mine, like many other ordinary citizens of this country, has been a story of struggle. I was, and continue to be heavily indebted in respect of this house and will continue to work hard and honestly, to meet my obligations in this regard.

It is, in my view very unfortunate, that the Attorney General and his media enthusiasts will use my house as a place to hide behind his inability to explain his tremendous wealth-acquisition within recent years.

Fitzgerald Hinds


People’s National Movement

27th September 2013

The People’s National Movement will kick off the 2013 Local Government Elections Campaign with the presentations of Candidates at a “Rally” on Sunday 29th September 2013 at Woodford Square, Port of Spain, at 2:00 p.m.

Before the Rally, the 136 Candidates will be formally approved at a Special Convention to be held at Balisier House, Port of Spain at 10:00 a.m.

The under mentioned is a “List of Activities” for the week ending Saturday 5th October 2013.

Tuesday 1st October 2013          -        Walkabout in Rio Claro, Office Opening and National Public Meeting

Wednesday 2nd October 2013    -        National Public Meeting - Sangre Grande, Eastern Main Road, (Opposite Unit Trust Building)

Thursday 3rd October 2013        -        Presentation of Southern Candidates and Public Meeting, Harris Promenade

Friday 4th October 2013             -        National Public Meeting – Arima, Car Park, Prince Royal Park, Hollis Avenue

Saturday 5th October 2013         -        Manifesto Launch and National Public Meeting - St James Cor.  Western Main Road & Bournes Road


From the Leader of the Opposition

As we commemorate the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago attaining Republican status, it is incumbent upon us as citizens to reflect on the true meaning of being a Republic. When Trinidad and Tobago became independent in 1962, the Queen of England continued to be our Head of State to whom all citizens owed allegiance. However, on August 1st 1976, our nation gained Republican status and as such, we were able to have our own Head of State, the President. The day is commemorated annually on September 24 as this was the date in 1976 when the Parliament first met under the Republican Constitution.

According to the Webster Dictionary a Republic is “a state or nation in which the supreme power rests in the citizens entitled to vote (the electorate) and is exercised by representatives elected, directly or indirectly, by them, and responsible to them”. This, my fellow citizens, is the basis upon which our Republican Constitution was built.

I believe it is imperative that all citizens be mindful of the significance of this day in our nation’s development. It means that our allegiance is now owed to our nation, Trinidad and Tobago. We now have our President as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces and the repository of executive power. These powers are exercised within the provisions of the Constitution and usually with consultation and advice of the duly elected Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. Since it is you, the citizens, who elect these individuals directly and or indirectly, it is with you that the true power resides.

Even as we approach yet another election season, I urge you all to remember this; we are a Republic, supreme powers rest in the electorate, those who you elect to represent you are ultimately responsible to you. I urge you to not be fooled by those who pose as servants to become masters but be ever cognisant that as of September 24th 1976 the supreme powers of our nation rest with you.

On behalf of the People’s National Movement, I wish each and every citizen a safe and happy Republic Day.
Thank you.
Dr Keith Rowley