Building a Nation Together


The Peoples National Movement (PNM) congratulates the Senior Men's West Indies Cricket Team and Women's West Indies Cricket Team for their inspiring victories today in the ICC T20 World Cricket Championships. We also congratulate the West Indies Under 19 Team for their World Cup victory in Sri Lanka earlier this year. 

Victory after Victory after Victory is the new trend of the West Indies (WI) Cricket Teams. The Glorious days of WI Cricket are back.

After facing some challenging years the WI has emerged from their struggles and returned to a place that inspires pride, confidence and unity among our West Indian citizens around the world.

The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider West Indian community embrace cricket as more than a game but rather a reflection of the ability of our people to be first class by world standards.

The Peoples National Movement continues to 'Rally around the West Indies'' as ''Everybody know West Indies a Champion''.

Ronald Huggins
Public Relations Officer
Peoples National Movement