Building a Nation Together


The Public Relations Officer and members of his team hosted a Focus Group session on Saturday at Balisier House. One of the objectives was to assess the Party's Youth Appeal as it relates to the success of the 2015 campaign and beyond.

The session interviewed and interacted with fifteen participants representative of various regions, backgrounds and age groups. The exercise was extremely informative and successful with the engaging support of members of the PNM Youth League.

Picture shows Ronald Huggins (PRO) addressing the meeting at Balisier House.

Some of the preliminary findings revealed that the strong youth support at the polls came from Dr Rowley's call for young persons to come forward and take responsibility for their country. Additionally the group identified new branding, quality of candidates, use of Isasha for the "Let's do this" campaign song and the promise of a Youth Leadership Institute as some of the support factors.

This is one of many initiatives by the PR Committee aimed at keeping the PNM machinery oiled. The PR committee joins the other arms of the party in preparing for the PNM's 60th Anniversary in 2016.