Building a Nation Together


All of the electors of San Fernando West are well aware that Mr. Faris Al Rawi, the People’s National Movement candidate for that constituency, maintains an address at his family home at Ruth Avenue, San Fernando.

Mr. Al-Rawi is nevertheless very grateful for the opinion of Ramesh L. Maharaj S.C. in today’s Guardian newspaper to the effect that “no court of law would uphold a petition to remove Al-Rawi”, “where a person lives as a candidate has no bearings to challenge the result of an election or the candidacy” and “In T&T a person can live anywhere and be a candidate for any constituency. It does not challenge the eligibility of the candidate. No court will entertain such a petition to challenge the result of an election for that reason.”

Mr. Al-Rawi is also pleased to receive advice from Douglas Mendes S.C., a recognised expert in election petitions throughout the Caribbean, who has confirmed that there is no basis in law to challenge his candidacy. Mr. Mendes S.C. has stated:

“residence in the constituency in which you are nominated is not a qualification of eligibility to be elected. Neither does the making of a false declaration as to the address stated on Form 39 (which is not the facts in this case) constitute such a disqualification. I have seen no provision to that effect. In short, it is legal nonsense to suggest that if elected, your election can be successfully challenged on this basis”

The continued pursuit of this absolute nonsense by the UNC is a clear reflection of their complete desperation, in that they are purposefully ignoring the obvious flaws in their argument, both in law and simple logic and it is a demonstration of the lengths they are prepared to go in a futile attempt to salvage the unsalvageable.

Mr. Al Rawi is Red and Ready and looks forward to looking after the constituency of San Fernando West as its next Member of Parliament.