Building a Nation Together


The letter authored by Mr. Peter Taylor, and referred to on the front page of today’s edition of the Newsday newspaper, was received by the Political Leader of the People’s National Movement some time ago, and alleged in the main that Mr. Taylor’s emails, telephone calls and SMS messages were being monitored by a state security agency over which the Political Leader has no control.

The letter then went on to suggest that text messages originating from Mr. Taylor’s mobile telephone are being contrived and crafted, by one can only assume the state security agency, into ‘suggestive conversations’ between a woman (who is not Mr. Taylor’s girlfriend/fiancée) and Mr. Taylor.  These ‘suggestive conversations’ are then being sent to the mobile telephone of Mr. Taylor’s girlfriend/fiancée in an attempt to sow seeds of discord.

The letter then alleges that the Political Leader attempted to caution Mr. Taylor’s girlfriend/fiancée about Mr. Taylor’s purported indiscretions.  This allegation is simply ridiculous and is denied.  The Political Leader does not have the time nor the will to get involved in the personal relationships of others, especially those he does not know.

The letter was immediately passed to the Political Leader’s attorneys for advice, which was to deposit the letter into the file which contains the many letters received just prior to an election, the contents of which are absolutely unbelievable, would not be taken seriously by the public, would simply be a waste of precious resources if it were to be addressed any further, and would run the risk of giving the author attention which he does not warrant.

Consideration was also given to the fact that:

(i)                 Mr. Taylor was not selected to contest the Moruga/Tableland seat in the 2010 General Election;

(ii)               Mr. Taylor left the People’s National Movement in 2011;

(iii)             Mr. Taylor formed the United Free Movement, a political party in 2012; and

(iv)             Mr. Taylor was again not selected to contest the Moruga/Tableland seat for the PNM for the 2015 General Election.

What was also of great assistance in consigning the letter to the aforementioned file, and which was quite interestingly omitted from the article in the Newsday is that the letter was also copied to Mr. Chuck Hagel, Former Secretary of Defence of the United States of America in the Obama administration and Mrs. Madeline Albight, Former Secretary of State of the United States of America in the Clinton Administration.

This letter was authored and widely circulated some two (2) weeks ago, with respect to matters which allegedly occurred in the year 2014 and early 2015.  No other media house has chosen to even raise the letter with the Political Leader, one would suspect as a consequence of the contents being so quite obviously unbelievable.  It is regrettable that the Newsday, which would have covered events attended by the Political Leader up to Friday of last week, did not see it fit to raise the proposed article with him, so that he could have brought the aforementioned matters to their attention.

An impending election is no basis for a media house to discard its responsibilities, and the proper exercise of discretion, as to what is in fact a credible and newsworthy story.


Ashton Ford

General Secretary

People’s National Movement


August 30th 2015