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Reporters claim is Alleyne-Toppin Part II

Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the United National Congress have taken the women’s movement back a generation by their decision to use fabricated claims of rape and sexual harassment as political weapons to be employed against Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley in a general election campaign.

It is now emerging that the vile utterances on the Parliamentary floor by incumbent Tobago East MP, Vernella Alleye-Toppin, which were approved by the UNC’s parliamentary caucus headed by Persad-Bissessar, was always part of a wider ‘noRowley’ campaign involving the use of the most heinous accusations against the political leader of the PNM.

The next step in the campaign seems to be a resignation letter from a female newspaper reporter who has admitted to being on the payroll of the UNC-led administration surreptitiously, through her access to million dollar contracts while owning no equipment. The allegations cleverly fall short of anything requiring a police investigation, but were designed to sully Dr Rowley’s character on the eve of a general election that the PNM is poised to win.  The public should note that the claims were made public on the day our political leader addressed the Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT), a group of female executives.

Mrs Persad-Bissessar has presided over an administration where actual accusations were made to the police against four members of her administrations, for offences amounting to rape and sexual harassment, including violence, an unprecedented development in our political history. Three of the alleged perpetrators are now before the UNC screening as ‘credible’ candidates, with their objectionable behaviour clearly no hindrance to their acceptability.

The Women’s League knows Dr Rowley and stands in support of our Political Leader in the face of this ongoing ‘noRowley’ campaign that has trivialised rape and sexual harassment, two issues that are of tremendous concern to women generally.

We condemn Mrs Persad-Bissessar, who has sanctioned the ‘noRowley’ campaign, for taking the cause of women back a generation, by undermining the claims of women who are genuine victims of these crimes and making it even more difficult for them to come forward.