Building a Nation Together


The Youth League of the Peoples' National Movement wishes to express its extreme disgust and strong objection to the evil and wicked 'hate campaign' that has been launched against Political Leader of the PNM, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley, and in particular to the erection of that caricature of our esteemed leader, on state property in the midst of our city.

Who granted permission for this hateful effigy to be erected on public property?

Have state funds been wasted on this newest edition of the PP's desperation?

As a nation, is this the direction we want our country to pursue in its electoral pursuits?

Can we as a nation seek redress for the embarrassment that this government has caused and continue to bring on this nation?

The nation fully understands that the proper way to send this sickly excuse for a government straight to Political Hades, is by democratic elections; but it seems the date is not quite near enough to instigate any semblance of decorum from the festering PP camp.  We have no issue with them being hell bent and decisively driving nails into their own coffins, but we demand that they leave the PNM family out of their noxious activities.

Have the PP and their circus ring master not seen that every single pit they have dug to trap Dr. Rowley, they have fallen into it themselves?  Have they not recognized that this nation named after the Heavenly Trinity, is storming the celestial realm with prayers for protection for our beloved leader and all PNM candidates for general elections?  Have they not seen that their nefarious attempts to demonize Dr. Rowley have all-backfired in their faces?  Yet they continue to follow Pied Piper Rodney Charles to their own doom. 

The People’s National Movement, National Youth League, continues to register our faith in a man that cannot compare to any of them in this UNC led Government. Dr. Keith Rowley, is a man of dignity, integrity and morals. A true visionary like all the past leaders of the People’s National Movement. No amount of slander by their weak slander campaign can keep a man of his stature from being the next Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago come September 7th 2015.

Stop the Hate and please allow our citizenry to choose our government in peace!


Aben Phillips
People’s National Movement
National Youth League