Building a Nation Together



The package of tapes containing serious allegations of criminal conduct within the corridors of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago requires the urgent attention of the police so as to determine the veracity and extent of the criminal conduct referred to.

Under these circumstances the public interest requires that action be taken to obtain and preserve evidence where it exists as well as provide protection for witness or witnesses who may be in a position to assist with all relevant investigations.

To the extent that any of these allegations are sustainable it points to a disturbing trend of criminality in public affairs and disturbing developments of moral decay, which can only confirm our worse fears.

Normally it might be possible to dismiss these unsavoury exposes as election bacchanal, but given what we have been living through for the last five years and the person making the allegations or providing the information is a former chairman of the ruling UNC Party, a former National Security Minister and a former Acting Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, whichever way we chose to respond to our latest predicament would tell us that there are serious issues and choices confronting the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Our expectation is that the police service will rise to the level of competence expected in this matter o as to provide the population with the comfort that criminal wrongdoing without consequences has not become a feature of life in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Keith Rowley