Building a Nation Together


Trinidad and Tobago is again commemorating the occasion of Indian Arrival Day. It is a day dedicated to remembering and celebrating the arrival of East Indian indentured labourers to these shores and their enormous contribution to the development of our twin Island state from that fateful day one hundred and seventy years ago.

I imagine that it couldn’t be easy for any of the East Indian indentured workers to leave some of their families, friends, relatives and customs to embark on the long journey to the West Indies. It is believed that our identities are greatly influenced by our environment and while this may be so, we are equally sure that we in turn influence our society. This is clearly evident in Trinidad and Tobago.

The influence of the East Indian indentured workers and the generations that followed have made and continue to make an indelible impact on our society. Trinidad and Tobago wouldn’t be what it is today had it not been for the likes of Adrian Cola Rienzi, Rudranath Capeldeo, Kamaluddin Mohammed and so many others too numerous to mention. Moreover, people of East Indian descent have made their presence felt in every sphere of life in our beloved nation and the world over.

It is therefore with a great sense of pride and patriotism that I take this opportunity, on behalf of the leadership and members of the People’s National Movement to recognise our East Indian brothers and sisters and wish Trinidad and Tobago a happy Indian Arrival Day and may we all continue to work side by side for the further development and prosperity of all the people Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Keith Rowley
Leader of the Opposition