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The People's National Movement (PNM) launched their 60th anniversary celebrations on April 28th at Balisier House courtyard. A large crowd attended the launch. Political Leader and Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley delivered the feature address. Foundation member Ferdie Fereirra, former Government Minister, Lady Vice Chairman, Deputy Political Leader Marilyn Gordon and Youth Speaker Jelani Reid also addressed the audience.

Panorama champions Desperadoes and Skiffle performed at the launch along with other top artistes which included Calypso, (AAron Duncan) Indian dance (Amritan Shakti Dance Group) choir group, the Southerners and Golden Lane Dance Theatre,Tobago.

Rennee Solomon and Natalia Dopwell also rendered songs to the delight of the large audience. 

Photos of the early days of the party along with the first executive members were also on display at Balisier House.


Picture shows Lady Vice Chairman Camille Robinson Regis, Mrs Sharon Rowley and Deputy Political Leader Joan Yuille Williams looking at the Photo of PNM's first Lady Vice Chairman, Mrs Isabel Teshea.

One of the People's National Movement (PNM) stalwart, Daniel Reid died on April 21st at Eric Williams Medical Science Complex at Mt Hope, two days after his birthday.

Mr. Reid served in the Senate during the period 1981 to 1986 as Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the then Prime Minister George Chambers.

He was well known in the political arena as a humble man who was extremely passionate about the welfare of his community and the country as a whole.

At the party level, Mr. Reid was chairman of the St Anns East Constituency for over a decade. It was under his leadership that the St Anns East constituency spearheaded the movement in 1973 towards Trinidad and Tobago gaining Republican status. 

The country eventually obtained Republican status in 1976.

Mr. Reid was also in the forefront of numerous community activities in the St Anns Constituency because he had an excellent working relationship with his Member of Parliament Mr. George Chambers who went on to become the country's second Prime Minister.

A dedicated and loyal party member, no assignment was difficult for him:

He was a Member of the Campaign team for ANR Robinson when he contested the Scarborough/ Roxborough area for the PNM in 1956. 

 He also served as President of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union (SWWTU).

In the memorable 1981 general elections when the PNM won 26 seats including Caroni East (Manic Ramsaran), Princes Town (Amoy Mohammed) and Fyzabad (Dr. Winston Williams),  Mr Reid was the Campaign Manager for the party's Political Leader the late George Chambers.

He will be remembered as a disciplined individual who was always available to assist the young Parliamentarians and party members in several areas.

Following the 1986 general elections, Mr. Reid followed his very close friend Mr. Chambers and retired from active politics.

At the time of his death he was 88 years old and was also the father of six children, three boys and three girls.

May he rest in peace.

Franklin Khan


People's National Movement

The Peoples National Movement (PNM) would like to thank all Delegates and Observers who turned out to make our Special Convention a resounding success.

We had an energizing time in each others company.

Tobago will now have its elections using the 'One Man, One Vote' system and run off elections for the office of Political Leader.

The Peoples National Movement (PNM) commends Finance Minister Colm Imbert for the intelligence, strength and composure with which the mid year Budget Review was delivered.

Lifestyle changes are never easy and having the responsibility to deliver the measures necessary to keep our economy alive with such scope and openness is indeed commendable.

No one likes paying more taxes or paying more for gas but we are all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and we have a responsibility to stand up together and do what is necessary to keep our economy alive.

A responsible government is able to make decisions in the best interest of its citizens and the their future. The decisions taken by the government are for the greater good of our citizens and not for any individual's personal or selfish gain.

This is where the words of our National Motto come to life ''together we aspire, together we achieve''.


Ronald Huggins

Public Relations Officer

Peoples National Movement

The Peoples National Movement (PNM) congratulates the Senior Men's West Indies Cricket Team and Women's West Indies Cricket Team for their inspiring victories today in the ICC T20 World Cricket Championships. We also congratulate the West Indies Under 19 Team for their World Cup victory in Sri Lanka earlier this year. 

Victory after Victory after Victory is the new trend of the West Indies (WI) Cricket Teams. The Glorious days of WI Cricket are back.

After facing some challenging years the WI has emerged from their struggles and returned to a place that inspires pride, confidence and unity among our West Indian citizens around the world.

The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider West Indian community embrace cricket as more than a game but rather a reflection of the ability of our people to be first class by world standards.

The Peoples National Movement continues to 'Rally around the West Indies'' as ''Everybody know West Indies a Champion''.

Ronald Huggins
Public Relations Officer
Peoples National Movement






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