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The Womens’ League of the Peoples’ National Movement wishes to express its deepest condolences to Mrs. Hazel Manning, her two sons, and the wider Manning family on the passing of their husband, father and patriarch.
Mr. Manning, like his predecessor Dr. Eric Williams, always understood and underscored the value of the Womens’ League to the successful growth and development of the party. He was our friend, and at various times, advisor and mentor.


Mr. Manning strode like the veritable colossus, across generations of the PNM. He, together with the likes of Ken Valley deceased and our current Political Leader, Dr. Keith Rowley, was hugely responsible for the PNM’s return to government in 1991 after its near decimation in the epic 33-3 defeat of 1986, and successfully led the PNM back into Government again in 2002, after others were given the opportunity to lead and failed.

As the country’s longest serving Member of Parliament (1971-2015), he served this country with distinction, with grace and indeed with charm. His debating skills, institutional memory, and knowledge of Parliamentary practice, always made for excellent Parliamentary contributions. His versatility with the language too, frequently added colour to his interventions in the Parliament, and his oratorical skills whilst on the political platforms were legendary.

It is often said that the evil that men do live long after them, while the good they do is interred with their bones. The Womens’ League has always taken careful note of the vilification Mr. Manning endured, both as Political Leader and as Prime Minister. We have also carefully taken note of those who often decried his vision for the enhancement of the quality of life of every single Trinbagonian, and his affinity for Caribbean integration. We are confident though, that when the story of his life is written, we many will be surprised at the vastness of his vision, the depth of his love for his country, and the sterling contribution and personal sacrifices he would have made to leave Trinidad and Tobago, a better place than he would have met it.

On behalf of all of us in the Womens’ League, and on my own behalf, I extend best wishes to his family, and pray God’s blessings on his soul. May God grant him eternal rest, and may the perpetual light of God’s countenance be unveiled to him.

Mrs. Camille Robinson Regis
People’s National Movement
National Women’s League

The People’s National Movement (PNM) Women’s League is calling for prayers for former Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer.

The Former Prime Minister has valiantly fought against ailing health in previous times and will confront the most difficult phase yet.

We are therefore calling on the nation to fortify Mr. Patrick Manning in prayers, in this another battle.

As we do, so we are.
Let us stand united to uplift and encourage the former PM, longest serving member of the Parliament and his family, friends and fellow human being, at this most difficult hour.
Sharon Felix
Public Relations Officer

People’s national Movement

National Women’s League

The Women’s League of the People’s National Movement outrightly condemns the practice of child marriages and joins the many voices which advocate for the removal from our statute books, all laws that permit this practice.

The Women’s League is thankful that the national community has become engaged in public discussion and largely public outcry over this distasteful issue.  It has been highlighted that the continued inclusion of this aspect of the Marriage Act of 1923, which sets the legal age for marriage at twelve years for girls and fourteen years for boys, contradicts Trinidad & Tobago’s position as a signatory to the Convention for the Rights of the Child, and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women.

The League finds it ludicrous that an agency which asks for investigation into the high numbers of teenage pregnancies and unlawful abortions, is a proponent for child marriages.

We commend the Hindu Women’s Organization who has been at the forefront of the battle to end the practice of child marriages in Trinidad & Tobago. To allow child marriages is essentially to allow statutory rape and child abuse. We note the gap between the age of consent  (18 years ) and the lowest age permissible for marriage  (12) is a clear indication that we need to have legislative review to align our laws.

The League is calling on all religious bodies to re-visit this issue and to make a definitive move to have our laws express their true stance on child marriages. 


Women's League

People's National Movement

The People's National Movement (PNM) Women’s League wishes to register its strong objection to the reported decision of President Anthony Carmona to appoint, even temporarily, Dr Kriyaan Singh as an Independent Senator.

Dr Singh, who by his conduct has shown that he is unfit to hold the office of Independent Senator, and by his postings on social media, has not only demonstrated a clear preference for the Opposition UNC but also his abhorrence of the PNM.


The Senator has never repudiated the Facebook post attributed to him which referenced the PNM’s Political Leader, now Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, in disparaging terms.

In the Facebook post he stated:  “Whatever Gra Puja the PM do to get Jack Warner extradition request I want to do that! If only they could get the THA to extradite Rowley as well.”

Those words not only display a bias to the UNC and its political leader, but a clear dislike of the PNM leader that would make it impossible for him to display the impartiality normally associated with an Independent Senator.

Dr Singh went even further to launch a social media attack on the reporter who had exposed his clear UNC bias and even admitted to posting semi-nude photos of himself and threatening to expose his testicles to the female reporter.

While the Women League appreciates that the choice of an Independent Senator is solely within the purview of the President, we believe that the women of Trinidad and Tobago should never have to countenance someone capable of the vile behavior which Dr Singh has exhibited on Facebook and that the President should think twice before foisting him on the Independent benches and the public of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago needs its best and brightest, people who have the welfare of the nation at heart. We do not need people like Dr Singh, who can only do further damage to the Parliament by undermining the sobriety and sagacity which one normally associates with the Independent Bench.


Women's League

People's National Movement

Former Mayor of Arima Norman Kistow died today (Sunday May 1st) at his home Ackbarali Trace, Arima at the age of 101 years.

He served as Mayor during the period November 1981 to April 1983.

Prior to his Mayoral post he was a Councillor and Deputy Mayor.

Mr. Kistow was Deputy Mayor when I served as Mayor of Arima from April 1980 to 1981.

At the party level, Mr. Kistow was an officer in the Arima Constituency and he also served as a member of the party's General Council.

He was a public servant having worked in the Ministry of Agriculture in the Forestry Division.

Following his retirement, Mr. Kistow open his private business where he was able to assist the community in sports, culture and several Non Government (NGO's) in the Arima community.

The most significant contribution to Arima was the establishment of the Margarit Kistow Home (His daughter) for abandon children which is situated at his  residence on Ackabarali Trace, Arima.

For his outstanding work in Arima he was honoured by the Arima Borough Corporation when a park was named after him in the Malabar area.

Last year the PNM also honoured  him when he attained the milestone of 100 years and also for his yeoman service to the party and country.

The PNM extend sincere condolences to his family.


Ashton Ford

General Secretary






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