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The People’s National Movement extends its sympathy and condolences to the family of Mr. Makandal Daaga, former political leader of the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) on his passing away today.

The People’s National Movement acknowledges Mr. Daaga’s contribution to the political landscape of Trinidad and Tobago and offers its prayers at this time of grief to his family, friends and associates.


Stuart R. Young

Public Relations Officer (Ag.)

The People’s National Movement Women’s League views with concern the attempts to politicize the health of the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, especially by commentators throwing stones from glass houses well known to the national community.

Dr. Rowley took the nation into his confidence when, in an address to the Women’s League Conference he informed that he was proceeding on holiday preceded by some medical tests and asked us to keep him in our prayers.

His detractors, clearly have still not gotten over the fact that Dr. Rowley was elected Prime Minister on September 7, 2015 and have used this latest development to perpetuate the latest version of the ‘No Rowley’ campaign. They were, at first,  castigating Dr. Rowley for using illness as an elaborate ruse to go on his contractually due vacation and have now gone on to insinuate that the Prime Minister is hiding his true illness and needs to be more forthright with the public. They cannot have it both ways.

They have even attempted to distort the records of previous prime ministers. It should be noted that contrary to the revisionist history now being peddled, the country was only informed of the extent of then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning condition, after he returned from surgery in Cuba.

The Prime Minister has already taken the nation into his confidence on his medical tests and one can be sure will keep the nation apprised as needed. To attempt to delve into the Prime Minister’s health after earlier accusing him of feigning illness to go on a joy-ride, is unseemly and unbecoming of any political commentator.

The Women’s League wishes to support our leader in finally being able to proceed on a short period of rest and relaxation so important to the performance of his demanding duties. We also wish to assure him that he and the entire PNM administration remains in our prayers as they go about the demanding job of saving this nation.


Sharon Felix

Public Relations Officer

People’s National Women’s League


The Women’s League of the Peoples’ National Movement strongly condemns the most vitriolic and unsubstantiated attack on the late former Prime Minister Patrick Manning by Sat Maharaj of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha. What is even more disturbing in our view, is the support he has found in none other than a former Prime Minister and now Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar, thus evoking the timeless wisdom that declares the upholder to be worse than the thief.


Sat’s wholly despicable and entirely unwarranted rant against Patrick Manning is not exactly surprising. The Women’s League understands the narrow parochialism in which Sat operates and his desperate need to cling to those he claims to represent, in the face of the rising tide of new and more vocal Hindu-based groupings which openly challenge his archaic views. We are convinced, as many other right thinking citizens are, that Sat does not speak for the entire Hindu population.


What the Womens’ League finds abhorrent though is the naked attempt by Kamla Persad Bissessar to clothe her leader’s comments with some degree of acceptability, trading on the notion that they were based in fact. Facts are stubborn things which just won’t go away, and despite their blatant attempts to rewrite the history of Trinidad and Tobago, the facts about Caroni (1975) Limited, Feroza Ramjohn, the granting of the license to Radio I95.5 and the other matters raised by Sat Maharaj will remain as they are, for all to see.


Kamla Persad Bissessar, as a former Prime Minister and now Opposition Leader cannot be held to the same standard as her leader Sat Maharaj. Her’s must be entirely different. For one who was once responsible for leading this country, her role cannot be to pander to the likes of her leader and continue to divide this country along the lines of ethnicity and religion. For her to continue to draw strength from the race card is to demonstrate for all to see, how unsuited she was then and now, to be vested with any semblance of political power in this country.


Whist Sat’s comments have elicited condemnation even from among members of his own faith, Kamla Persad Bissessar, rather than distance herself from them, has publicly aligned herself and the party she leads with those vile comments. It has left us to wonder whether those were the thoughts she harboured, but was too weak to utter, when she lead her party’s tribute to Mr. Manning in the Parliament. It leads us to question too, whether these were her thoughts when she sat in the Holy Trinity Cathedral for his funeral.


The Womens’ League of the Peoples’ National Movement has no desire to beatify or deify Patrick Manning, but what we do know and believe to be true, is that he was never a racist. What we also know is that when the history of Trinidad and Tobago is written, on the balance of his contribution to our growth and development, his place will be one of honour. We urge Kamla Persad Bissessar to strive for the same.


Camille Robinson Regis




Women’s League

People’s National Movement







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